Trouble Posting Pictures

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    i am able to post pictures of art if i scan them into my computer
    but i am not able to post pictures that i’ve taken with my camera.
    well, i can, but they come out HUGE, so huge that you can only see a portion
    of the photo and it takes up the whole page and looks terrible.

    so, i’ve figured out that i can post a link to see the picture, but
    i’d much prefer to have the picture right there on the page.
    even the pictures i post that have been scanned into my computer are small
    and the only way to see them the proper size is to click on the picture
    which takes you to another page.

    i’m not the most technical person by any means.
    any help would be greatly appreciated!
    thank you.



    You may want to take a look at the FAQs on the topic here

    Basically, you need to resize your images and optimize them.



    ok, i will try to figure out how to do that.
    thanks for the helpful link!

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