Trouble preparing posts.

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    I seem to have some problems when trying to prepare a post.When I try to save and continue editing it hides all the paragraphs.Anyone experiencing the same?Any suggestion?



    Are you using the Visual editor, or are you coding it by hand in the HTML editor? WordPress has standard formatting that will generally strip out any extra spaces between lines; check the theme on the Presentation page to see how it automatically formats paragraphs.


    I am not using Visual Editor.However what I am always doing is prepare the whole post MS word then just copy/paste it in post.And I have always done that since when I started blogging in May.I have checked on the presentation as you suggested but can’t seem to get an answer.




    Are you saying this is a NEW problem, or have you been experiencing the problem all along?

    Sometimes I notice that WP singlespaces when I’m writing the post, but it displays just fine when I hit Publish.

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