Trouble putting source code into a text widget.

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    I’m trying to copy and paste a source code into a text widget but it’s not showing up after I save it. I’ll confess I know VERY little about HTML so I’m sure the problem is me! Here’s the code I’m trying to paste:

    <iframe width=”120″ height=”100″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”” style=”display: block;”></iframe>

    Here’s my blog:

    Thanks so much for any help!


    iframes, javascript, forms, and flash are not allowed on

    From the search box using iframe:



    Thanks for the speedy reply!


    You’re welcome. Sorry it wasn’t what you would have liked to hear. Happy blogging



    I’ve been facing the same problem — can’t add source code to text widget but now I know that I can’t cos it’s flash.

    Wanted to know if there was some sort of an alternative to that?

    I am trying to raise some money for charity and it is quite important that the donate link gets a high amount of visibility on my blog. Is there any way I could add an image to a text widget and use it to link to the ‘donate’ page? I am open to other ideas as well if there are any.

    Any help would be really great.

    Thanks in advance.



    Put it in a Youtube and THEN post it if you want to keep the movement, but you can’t put it in your sidebar then.

    It’s easy to put a donation button in your sidebar, though, and you could use an animated GIF if you wanted movement. Just do a search of the forum for Paypal button; if you’ve got a different payment system, just link to the relevant web page instead of the Paypal link.

    There are a ton of threads on it:

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