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Trouble Registering

  1. I have a personal account, but I'm trying to set up a new account for a organization blog. Every time I fill out the registration page and click "Create Blog," the page simply refreshes and no activation email is sent. Is this a temporary problem?

  2. To register a new username account log out and remain logged out. Clear your browser cache and cookies. Do not log in and then using a different email address you ought to be able to register a new username account.

  3. Thank you, but I have done both of those things and still ran into the same problem.

  4. Have you checked in your email client spam filter for the activation email?

  5. Yes, nothing there either. I had submitted a request to resend the activation email on the registration support page, but once I entered my email address, it said there was no activation record for that address.

  6. I am having exactly the same problem in exactly the same situation. This is very frustrating. I tried clearing cache and cookies and logging out and starting over; nothing.

  7. I have exactly the same problem trying to register
    the email is [email redacted].

    The trouble lasts for more than a week already and no activation letter yet.

  8. @kolozaridi, I'm not seeing any signups with the email address you provided, so please try it again.

    @clovegrove and @susangellman, please let me know which email addresses you tried to use for signing up a new account.

    If you post a properly-formatted email address here, it will be hidden from public view, but staff will be able to see it.

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