Trouble setting up subdomain mapping to a non-us top level domain

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    Help ! Im caught in an infite loop. Save me before I die of old age :-P

    Im trying to map a subdomain with a CNAME redirect, I definitely don’t want to mess with the name server.
    I found with a lot of information but I’m stuck at the fact that the system does not allow me to add a domain that ends in .nl

    I also can’t add a zone record because, again, .nl is not accepted.

    I cannot contact support because I haven’t made a purchase. I would if i could but the i need the zone record to be changed first, hence the infinite loop.

    What to do ?

    The problem is

    The blog I need help with is


    please ignore the last line ” the problem is ” :)



    @sannebernhart – you should follow the instruction below to map a sub-domain – not the instructions you linked to. No change name servers required nor it looks like a zone record either.

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