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    I now have several blogs on the go and instead of having to login to each one individually i wanted a bit of software to make things a bit easier. A friend reccomended w.blogger, but i dont understand how to set it up properly.

    It asks for my host, which i assumed was my blog address, and it asks me: “Enter here the full path to the API endpoint of your blog too. Start with (/) Ex: /xmlpc.php”

    What does this mean, and where can i find it?

    Many thanks


    ack appologies, figured it out myself *slaps wrists for not reading instructions properly*



    Happy blogging :)



    For reference, normally the endpoint is /xmlrpc.php but may be slightly different depending on the software used. Some may want the slash, some may not want it, some may want the full URL in there, etc.

    The file name that one looks for is xmlrpc.php though. I wanted to be clear on that. :)


    yeah w.blogger wanted the address without the http and no end slash, and the file begining with a slash. But the instructions were so small greyed out i had to litterally have my cheek to the screen to read it heheh

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