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trouble switching between visual and html editor

  1. Yesterday, all my editors started with a new bug we are not managing to solve.
    I have many posts with footnotes. They were manually encoded this way:
    in text:
    Arquiteturas no Brasil 1900-1990 [1]
    on the footnote:
    Yesterday a huge bug started: whenever I switch beteween visual and html editors, the code automatically changes to:
    in text:
    Arquiteturas no Brasil 1900-1990 [1]
    on the footnote:

    As a result, we miss all the links.
    This is happening also when we open old posts, that we had previously edited without any problem of this kind.

    Please, help us fast, because we now currently unable to post, waiting for a solution.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @danilomm, please past the first example above between code tags so that we can see the actual code you are using.

    <code>paste your code here</code>

    Also, is this the blog you are talking about, ?

  3. I'm sorry but I don't know how to help with this. Have you considered contacting Staff?

  4. ~~TSP
    G'day to you. :)

  5. G'day TT.

  6. The code:
    in text:
    Arquiteturas no Brasil 1900-1990 <a href="#sdfootnote1sym">[1]</a><br />
    <a href="#sdfootnote1anc">[1]</a><br />

    After switching editors:
    in text:
    Arquiteturas no Brasil 1900-1990 <a href="#sdfootnote1sym"></a>[1]<br />
    <a href="#sdfootnote1anc"></a>[1]<br />
    Wordpress does it by itself, so I cannot insert any link anymore.
    The site is:
    a text not damaged, for example is:

    I sent a staff request, anyways, but if you can help me, we can save some time.

  7. it seems the same problem is happening here as well...

  8. @danilomm
    Thanks for letting us know you have contacted Staff and reported your issue to them.

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