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Trouble uploading image to Default Header

  1. Just getting to know WordPress so there is probably an obvious answer, but each time I click upload after choosing a photo for the header, the photo then appears with cropping dotted lines that only cover about a third of the photo...and no matter what I do, I can't expand the lines, only narrow them...and even if I accept the photo as is, I get a page saying the uploading is complete and I should see it on my blog, but when I click on my site the header is black! What am I doing wrong? (By the way, this is for, not a wordpress installation...) Thanks!

  2. Have you pre-sized the images to fit the header area prior to uploading?
    I do this with my headers and have no problems at all. Here are the sizes

  3. What browser are you using?

    How large in kb size is the file? In pixels as well please.

  4. Thanks for the feedback...timethief, I'll try to pre-size the image, though I'm a little skeptical only because the result I've been getting has been completely black even though the cropping outline does capture at least a third of the image...DrMike, I'm using Explorer (should I try Firefox?) and the size of the file is 55KB, 640X480 pixels...

  5. If you have the option, sometimes people have better results by switching browsers. Try that. And pre-sizing makes a huge difference.

  6. Especically considering that you've got one side smaller and one side larger than the measurements that theme wants.

  7. Thanks for the tips--them's the answers! :-) ...Firefox was the browser answer, and pre-sizing does make all the question (you guys are super helpful, this is a fabulous feature of WP): is it possible to remove the words "just another weblog" from the blog title??

  8. Yes, that's the tagline. You can edit that as well to anything you like, including a blank. Set that on your Dashboard: Options.

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