Trouble with adding a Audio File

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    I recently upgraded to the 1GB space to be able to upload music and videos. I uploaded an Mp3 file , and added in a [audio URL for the file] in that exact format as the FAQ asks me to. When I save the post and try playing the song, I get a “error opening file” message. Am i Missing something here? Please let me know.

    I also tried [audio filename.mp3] and [audio URL to the filename.mp3]. Neither of them work. I need some help here ! Can any of you help me out please?



    Everyone answering questions here is an unpaid volunteer. We only answer the questions we have answers for. What this means is that you will have to be patient and wait until some other blogger comes along who can answer your question.



    From my experience you can occaisionally get an error and failure to play with a filename that has gaps so I tend to shorten my filenames or rename files with underscores such as :mytitle_myothertitle.mp3.Other errors have involved using variable bit rate encoding or lower sample rates.



    emalyse, thank you !

    It worked. I just shortened the filename and removed extra characters and it was all set.

    thanks for your help.

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