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trouble with customizing chaoticsoul

  1. I am attempting to change the primary color in the ChaoticSoul theme from brown to black. I seem to have succeeded in everything except when the height of either the narrow side or the wider side differentiate from each other. For example, with simply the test text and nothing else in the posting area, the wider section may be (for example) 700px in height while the narrow side may only be 400px. In the 300px difference, the original color shows through. I have tried numerous selectors in the CSS and I can't seem to find the right one. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  2. Have you tried adding a color value to the background property of your wrapper?

    #wrapper { background: #000 url('images/content_bkg.gif') repeat-y top left;}

  3. You know, I wondered if the wrapper element was an image! is there any documentation on it? The reason I ask is that I understand "background: #000" but I'm not sure how to get the image in there. For example, I can understand "background: url ('images/content_bkg.gif')" but I can't understand it with the "#000" as well. Also, (and I do realize this is probably a very dumb question), can I upload to the images directory? If not, can I upload an image to my own files directory and point the background URL there? I'm hoping the documentation on the #wrapper element might explain some of my poorly asked questions. Thanks, devblog!

  4. AFAIK, there's no documentation to customize themes.

    The background property is a shorthand for setting all background properties in one declaration. In other words, instead of writing something like:

    #wrapper {
         background-color: #000;
         background-image: url(path/to/image/file.ext);
         background-position: top left;
         background-repeat: repeat-x;

    You'd write this:

         background: #000 url(path/to/image/file.ext) top left repeat-x;

    It's always a good habit to set a background color to your elements.

    No, you cannot upload to the WP images directory, if that's what you meant.

    Yes, you can upload to your files directory. The path would look something like this:

    So, when you write your element definition it should look something like this:

         background: #000 url( top left repeat-x;

    I hope this answers your questions.

  5. Thanks, devblog. That worked very well. I believe there is another problem with a hidden element--"hidden" in that it isn't present in the viewable original stylesheet. There is a border between the wide column and the sidebar that I can't find and whose color I can't change. I've done a "find" search and I can't come up with anything that I've missed. Is there a way to see ALL of the elements in a theme's style?

  6. Thanks, devblog. That worked very well. (I tried to edit this response to reflect that I'd resolved the original issue and another, but . . . ) Is there a way to see ALL of the elements in a theme's style? I'm getting the feeling that all elements are not visible or readily editable. The #wrapper element, for example, doesn't appear when viewing the editable css.

  7. I believe there is another problem with a hidden element--"hidden" in that it isn't present in the viewable original stylesheet.

    If by 'hidden' element you mean the input tag of type 'hidden' (<input type="hidden">) then that element shouldn't be styled, there's no purpose for that. This is used to send information between pages. And you shouldn't see it because... it's hidden.

    Is there a way to see ALL of the elements in a theme's style?

    I don't know what's your browser of choice, but I'd recommend you to use Firefox because it allows you to install many development tools such as web developer and aardvark. These tools can help you to 'see' the elements in a web page.


  8. Thank you, devblog. It does. I'm going to close this as "resolved" because my main point was addressed, however, I was thinking specifically of being able to view and edit the complete original #wrapper element and any others that might be around that are not readily visible. When I viewed the original CSS for chaoticoul, #wrapper wasn't there but was mentioned in the source view. The same is true for some other elements that are mentioned in the HTML source but don't show up in the viewable style sheet. Again, I really do appreciate all of the time you've spent helping me.

  9. No problem.

    With the tools I mentioned, you'll see all these elements (such as wrapper) in your page. Then, you could do a search in your CSS for any the elements you want to affect, and see if they're defined. If they are not, you can define them yourself, like you did with wrapper.

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