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    i`ve got trouble with “Front Page Displays”.

    under “Options -> Reading Options -> Front Page -> Front page displays -> A static page (select below)” i have selceted a “Front page” and leave the options with “Update Options”.

    when i view my page, everything is ok, but when i come back later, i saw all my “latest posts” instead of the choosen static page.

    how could this be ?




    you have to provide your wp blog url for them to do something



    sorry, i`ve forgotten ;-)

    the URL is:


    hmmm ?

    it happens again, anyone any idea ?


    I did not take the extended amount of time required to have the front page of your blog load fully for me but it’s most certainly there when viewed with a firefox browser.
    Did you know that by creating a static page as a front page you may have eliminated or compromised most Google juice? Your page rank is determined by what’s on your front page and although “landing pages” are trendy when it comes to page ranking they are a very bad choice to make. This is not to mention that you are compelling regular readers to do a needless click through every time they visit your blog.


    ok thanks a lot 4 your answer,

    the site is about an underground netlabel with “music” where not many people will listen to, so i really don`t care about google or page ranking with that site.

    there are 5 ways to go on that site, so i think nobody who is interrested into the content of that side will be overstressed.

    i only wanna know why my settings changes after some time, that`s all.



    Major changes were undertaken on the weekend and some blogs were negatively impacted. I don’t know for sure if your problem stems from the same source or not but tanks for posting your details here. Staff is on the job. They monitor forum threads and will get to your blog as soon as they can.

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