Trouble with gallery display size (Square Type)

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    I’m having trouble with gallery display size. Wenn i add 12 photos to create a gallery, it gives me a tidy look like this:

    I’ve tried with 8 photos but it changes thumbnail size of some photos and creates an empty space between them:

    To make the problem more understandable, here is my gallery and media settings:
    (gallery type=”square” size=”thumbnail” exclude=”” columns=”2″ orderby=”rand”)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    When you use the new Gallery “type” parameter, try using the simplest form of the gallery shortcode instead:

    [gallery type="square"]

    It doesn’t seem to take the “columns”, “size” or “orderby” parameters.



    Done, still the same result. It fits always a 845w-630h pixel space.

    Mixfolio’s widest main content column width is 637 and the theme is a responsive width theme.



    I’ve got Mixfolio active right now on my test blog and am not having any trouble with it. (Themes get swapped out very frequently on that site.)

    Can you give a direct link to a post where you’ve used the Gallery’s “square” type option, starting with http:// to make it clickable…



    OK-one more thing to add to the mix. Post Formats!

    Try using Mixfolio’s Standard Post Format only. Switching to the Gallery or Image Post Format completely broke the Gallery up on the Info tab in my test blog.



    It seems to be OK with gallery in standart format. But this format gives me a sidebar on single post page (i prefer not to have) and a “broken” post title by long ones.

    By single image format people can see the gallery, only if they click on the Info tab. Featured single image or nothing on the image tab. And direct links always goes to image tab.

    I’ve tried gallery post format and rectangular type.
    Now i’ve a featured image only at homepage, direct link to gallery page, and a info tab for likes, shares & metadata. Any change with shortcodes affects only the gallery at the info tab.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.



    You’re welcome and I’m sorry I couldn’t help more. Mixfolio seems to have its own share of oddities even without this new feature. Good luck.

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