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    I published my blog on 18 november 2011, and I’ve never had problems with statistics and visits from Google.
    From 12 october visits from Google inexplicably have been reduced almost to zero.
    It ‘a problem of or Google, or both?

    Please, help me. :)


    The blog I need help with is



    We have been experiencing some issues with Google not crawling all of our sites, and are looking into it.

    Please see the thread at which will have the most up-to-date information.


    I read the thread and I was impressed by October 12, when my problems started.

    I realized that the blog load slowly sometimes (and incomplete). Here is the result of the test:

    Try to search my name (Domenico Coluccio) in google: you’ll see my site but not my blog (before the blog appeared in the first page).

    Search the title “L’aquila ed il serpente”, and the blog appears as first result.

    I think the problem is…



    I understand. Please refer to the thread I posted before for more information.


    Google webmaster tool indicates that from 16 August to 12 October my blog recorded between 200 and 320 impressions every day. From 13 October onwards, the daily impressions are approximately 30.


    Now everything seems be back ok, but I didn’t nothing. :)

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