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Trouble with Log-In, Dashboard, etc.?

  1. Hello, is anyone having trouble logging in or accessing their Dashboard tonight? I had to repeatedly enter my ID and password, but it's not working. Can Support please check out Thanks very much.

    Ralph aka 'draaiorgelfan'.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What browser and version are you using ?

  3. Hi, t3ck. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I just changed to Windows 7. Have Internet Exploror 8 on board since before I became a member. And I did insert in my MSE Firewall's list of Trusted Sites.

    Hope this helps. Thanks from Ralph!

  4. I've had the odd log out and log in issue.

    Earlier today I went to log in only to find I was already logged in then not long ago I was browsing WordPress while logged in and the log in screen appeared and I had to log in again.

    I dont think I've experienced this before today. Im on FF Firefox/3.5.4.

  5. At this hour must log out. Time for bed. Will try again tomo, er...later this morning.

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