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Trouble with Page Jumps

  1. I can't make the page jump work properly on my latest blog post. But it worked last time. I've looked and looked at it, and can't tell the difference between the two, yet one works, and the other doesn't. Please help!

    This code pairing works: [Blog post:
    *Dick Directors
    <span style="text-decoration:underline;">'Dick' Directors</span>

    This code pairing does not: [Blog post:
    *Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing
    <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing</span>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. UPDATE: Now the "good" page is having problems. Some of the anchors work, some don't and route me to a "This is embarrassing. We can't find your page" page. Others don't work and just don't do anything. Oh, this is SO frustrating!

    Hoping someone out there can help!

  3. we need to see the exact code. Place it here between backticks so we can look at it.

  4. Ah, sorry about that. Didn't realize the code wouldn't show up. Here it is, within backticks. The first two are the ones that are NOT working, the second two are working. The anchor "symbol" does show up on the page, but when I click on the jump (on the published page) it doesn't take me anywhere.

    <a href="#Directing AND/OR Producing">*Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing</a>

    <a name="Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing"></a><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing</span></strong>

    <a href="#Coolest Thing About Art">*Coolest Thing About Art</a>

    <a name="Coolest Thing About Art"></a><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Coolest Thing About Art</strong></span>

    Thanks for any help you can give.


  5. When you write these two:

    <a href="#UniqueName">ETC ETC
    <a name="UniqueName">ETC ETC ETC

    the UniqueName can be anything (doesn't have to be the actual visible text) but it has to be exactly the same in both cases.

    See here as well:

  6. Thanks for that, Justpi. I knew that info, and thought that I had done that, but could see that I hadn't. I finally figured out that it didn't like the "Dual Hats: " part. Every time I typed "*Dual Hats: Directing AND/OR Producing" when I updated the page, it would show up as "Directing AND/OR Producing." So, I changed the text to read "*Dual Hats-Directing and Producing" and it's now working. I don't know WHY it didn't like the colon, but at least the jump now works. Thanks again for helping!


  7. You're welcome.
    The colon can't be used because it's a functioning element in a link code (used after http). That issue aside, you don't have to put all that as a Unique Name anyway: it's just a marker. You can write just "Dual" or "dhdp" or whatever.

  8. Good to know. Now I see what you mean about the unique name. Thanks for taking the time to educate this newbie!


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