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Trouble with polls...

  1. I went to set up my poll thing and clicked "set up automatically" and an error occurred. Now I can't set up any polls. I went to and set up an account, but I can't put in my info to use it in my blog. What am I supposed to do?

  2. Email support would be my suggestion - it is unlikely to be something we can correct here on the forums.

  3. fsdf40, could you give us your blog url
    i am currently using polldaddy for 2 polls and they work fine

  4. @fsdf40
    What is the exact error message that you are receiving please?

  5. The error code I am receiving is: "User Code Invalid".

  6. fireandicegymnast

    Me to.

  7. Me too

  8. I'm having the same exact problem. I contacted polldaddy and they sent back a url which connects me to creating a new blog. That won't solve my problem. Is there any way to import a polldaddy account manually? Is there a menu option somewhere that I'm missing?

  9. I have placed a modlook tag on this thread so staff will look into your issue. Please be aware that holiday hours are in effect for Support at this time so there will be a delay in response.

  10. I'm having the same exact problem.

  11. me too!

  12. FWIW those who are posting here who have private blogs and who therefore don't have their usernames linked to them ought to be leaving their blog url for staff when they post.

  13. I've got an answer! Did you get an error when trying to set up 'automatically?'
    If you want to create a poll for the first time or if you want to import your poll daddy account, go to:

    That will bring up the signup window again.
    Thanks to the poll daddy support team. :)

  14. thankyou at last an answer to the problem that alot of people are having

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