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    I apologize if this ia a basic problem.

    I discovered when I e-mailed the link to my blog site that when I connected to the site via e-mail the text size in both the widgets and the header were much larger. The appearance of the site looks normal during editing, but, when connecting to the site from another location the appearance is distorted and out of place due to the oversized text of the titles within the widgets and header.

    I appreciate any assistance on the matter. Thanks Tito



    i think you have a self-hosted blog, in which case you have to go to to place your query. this is the forum for bloggers hosted by, and currently bloggers cannot blog by e-mail. please correct me if i’m mistaken.



    sulz, thanks for your response, but, I believe you’re mistaken.

    My blog has a address. I mentioned e-mail because I e-mailed the link to a seperate e-mail account so I could forward it to addresses on that account. When I connected to the link, just to check how everyone else would see the site, I saw that the blog was all out of whack. The font size of the titles within the header, pages and blogspot were very large and subsequently pushed the titles all over.

    I’m a newbie and this might be a newbie question so I apologize, but, I could certainly use some assistance in resolving the issue.



    can you give us a link to your blog?



    {smile to judy}
    As well as providing a link to your blog could you also tell us which browser and version of it you are using please?

    The reason I’m asking is because not all themes display the same way in all browsers. Just a couple of days ago a blogger using the Connections theme had a problem with the large font size in widget titles when viewed using IE6.



    Judy and Time,
    here’s the link

    I’ll have to get back to you on the browser and version.
    Thanks for all help



    Okay so it’s the Connections theme and it displays fine in firefox Now I’ll view it in IE6.

    Edit: I tried it in IE6 and it’s displaying fine too.

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