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Trouble with the Topics Page

  1. I was wondering what is happening today with WordPress. After posting a blog, I usually check the Topics page to see what photo I have used WordPress is featuring. I just posted another blog, and I cannot find my blog under any of the topics used in my tags. Not only that, for example, under Life there are only 3 blogs showing. On another, photography, I see the same photos and articles that were there this morning after I posted a blog, with the same time indicated that these had just been posted. Does this have to do with the changes you folks are making there? Also, the time it takes to load a topic is very, very, very, very slow.

    I like the old format better, but maybe you folks have some bugs to work out. Is anyone else experiencing this too?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dozens and dozens of people are reporting these issues. There are too many threads to count in the forum.

  3. Have already posted a comment there. No one mentions only seeing 3 blogs posted in any topic. What do you see say if you go to the life topic? All I see are 3 blogs. And, mine is not showing up and I posted it 45 minutes ago.

  4. I just started my blog today and I can't figure out how to put the blog ubder a specific topic. How's thagt done?

  5. Readbaby - Topics are tags. Add tags to your posts and they will appear under the most popular topics. I sometimes look at the topics prior to posting a blog so that I hit a bigger audience. Does this help?

  6. Support documents about tags and categories, with lots of detailed info here:

    For me, the Topics page doesn't work for many tags: just the endless loading loading loading… and if it gets beyond that (with 3 or 4 posts) "load more" fails…

    Obviously not working yet…

  7. I posted two new posts today. when they didn't show up in illustration or drawing, I deleted and re-posted them. They still didn't show up.

  8. Please read the thread you're posting in.

  9. WordPress logged me off the system. Raincoaster, I did mention in the thread that my posts are not showing up either. So you have me scratching my head. What am I missing?

  10. You can still use the old format:

  11. I said that to mkcorless because they didn't seem to be aware that there is no solution, as we posted several times in the comments above.

  12. I have always been able to find my blogs, now even doing a search does not bring it up.

  13. Just following through:

    1 The "old" (working, functional, not broken and random) format doesn't work that URL anymore.

    2. It seems that there are now actually engineers responding, hat tip timechief:

  14. @samhunting
    My username is not "timechief". That is the former username of a blogger who attempted to impersonate me.

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