Trouble with WordPress and Mac

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    Ever since the WordPress upgrade, I’ve had all kinds of trouble updating my blog. This problem occurs with Safari and Firefox. I’ve got a Mac Mini and the latest versions of each browser. I’ve cleared the cache and cookies and restarted umpteem times. I cannot upload images, preview a blog while editing, save a draft–you name it. Basically, while I can get to the dashboard and edit modes fine, I can’t update a thing. However, from time to time, WordPress autosaves a draft successfully. Go figure.

    WordPress support people have cleared out the blog cache on their end a couple times, and it appears to help for one or two actions. That is, I’m able to save a draft or upload an image. And then the thing chokes again.

    Any ideas what happened on my end? I was able to use WordPress with my Mac/Safari/Firefox…sometimes balky but nothing awful. But since the upgrade, it’s useless.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot help you without a link to your blog, starting with http. Also, which adblockers/antivirus/firewall things are you running, and have you searched the forum for similiar questions?



    I use a mini and all the browsers. As much as macs irritate me at times this isn’t their fault :)

    Can you send a step-by-step of what happens to Support please?



    Many of the WordPress developers use Macs. Problems that affect all Macs are rare because they get noticed.

    Problems that affect one particular computer (Mac, PC or anything else) are another thing entirely.

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