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    I tried linking a movie trailer and a music video from Youtube with no luck. I just get the links in my post no videos. Is there protected content on Youtube that you cant use? I always thought it was all pretty much fair game when it was up there. Is it a problem with WordPress? I just cut and paste the links in I never use any code.

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no problem for me. I simply type the youtube shortcode into a post or a page and embeds the video every time.



    Many movie trailers and commercial music videos have disabled embedding, but it sounds like you’re using an embed method that doesn’t work here. How, exactly, are you putting the videos in the posts? I always use the shortcode, and it always works if embedding is enabled:



    according the the support pages, and it has worked in the past, you cant cut and paste the Youtube URL onto its own line when writing the the post and it embeds automaticaly. Great for guys like me who dont really get code. I tried using the code and got no video or link. If I dont use the code the link is displayed where the video would be.

    I tried some videos that appeared non commercial and they didn’t embed either.



    What is the URL of the YouTube video you are trying to insert?



    At you’re adding the extra query strings to the video URLs and linking them. Try just the the plain URLs, and don’t turn them into links.


    I dont know what a query string is. As I recall the language looked just as it does above. I dont know. i changed things around so I dont need to embeded videos.



    Yes, but you have turned them into links.

    Highlight what you have in the post and click the button that looks like a broken chain to the right of the link button, then update your post.

    Or, just paste in the URLs I provided above and don’t link them.


    Thank you. Thank you. You were right. They were making themselves links on their own, when I removed that the videos work. It looks like I am going to need the short code to resize them though. I found the process for formating that, but how do I know what size to make them?



    youtube shortcodes


    Youtube is a complete kludge right now. I can’t even play videos there. I can bang on the buttons all day long in Firefox or Safari and nothing happens. I can’t get the embed code for videos either as nothing happens when I click the button. The feedback button takes me to an error page as does the contact us link. The g00g’s definition of “update” is “add more bugs and break what isn’t broken.”




    I’m sorry that’s happening to you and so very happy it’s not happening to me, if you know what I mean. ;)


    I’m glad it’s not you too. I’m trying to embed several videos for a client and if I can’t get the embed code, I can’t very well put the videos on their site.



    If I can help by getting the links for you just email me.


    Thanks. I’ll let you know.


    You need the embed code, not the link.
    Basically you find a video, click share. This opens a new field, with the link code highlighted in blue. You don´t need this one, but right next to this is a new option, embed. Click that, and you get something like this:

    <iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Copy the entire code, insert it into a post and ypu´re done!


    Would anyone know what’s happening with my attempts at embedding a YouTube video?
    I copy/paste the embed code into the body of my post and when I click preview it all looks great the video comes up, but when I click publish all that shows up in the published blog is the embed code.

    Any help would be great appreciated. I’ve tried it 3x already.

    Thank you!



    formulaoneupdate, iFrames are not allowed at, so that won’t work.

    You can embed YouTube videos following this guide:

    circadianreflections, please make sure that you’re following the guide above.



    The shortcode ALWAYS works. The embed code and URL sometimes work. The Shortcode ALWAYS works.



    I agree. The shortcode ALWAYS works.

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