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True Life time Story

  1. Write the true story happened to yourself and people around you

  2. He said he will responsible for every problem arise after their marriage.But where he is now?

  3. Nonsense, meet Internet. Internet, meet nonsense.

  4. LOL, letters!

  5. I'm a liar. Can't tell true story. Heheheheh...

  6. My blog tells the truth always.
    It's true. It's a fact. Question is, how true is true?

  7. What is truth?

  8. Truth is something most people can’t tolerate.

  9. I only watch True Lifetime Stories when they have Meredith Baxter Birney in them.

  10. I always enjoyed the Lifetime special featuring Tori Spelling: "Mother may I sleep with danger?" :)

  11. How do you sleep with danger??

  12. *giggles at Meredith Baxter Birney*

  13. If Lifetime's programming is supposed to strengthen women, how come all of the main characters in their movies always get beat up by some dude?

  14. Yeah, but they set him on fire later, so it all works out!

  15. Good point.

  16. True life stories about me? Because I only write about other people. HAHAHAH

    And I don't know if they are true.

  17. Every lifetime movie ends the same way:

    Victimized woman is threatened by gun, held at extremely close range, by male antagonist.

    Suddenly, woman swipes gun from male antagonist, and either she shoots the guy, or the friendly "good guy" cop who is banging her on the side shoots him. Then they cuddle in comfy sweaters while music fit for a Hallmark commercial plays in the background. In some variations a small fluffy dog barks happily in the background.

    Why can't they be more original, like 80's action films? Or Kung-Fu films?

  18. i'm newbie! but i'll try my best..
    true story? hmm..i used to have a good friend, i called her my best friend, because we always hang up together and sharing..but all changed since the 12 grade of my school, actually me and her are good friends since the 10 grade, but i don't know what make her changed a lot..and, yeah, now i realize, find a good friend is as hard as find a needle in a stack of straw, really hard..
    yeah, that's all from me..visit my blog and drop some comments..=D

    sorry if my grammatical in english still troubled..=D i'm learning..=D

  19. Okay. Okay. My lifetime story: I'm 26.

  20. Yesterday, I put off working in the garden until today; and today it's raining - story of my life.

  21. "true lifetime story"

    Wnen my species first migrated from Ceti-Alpha 5, your solar system was still in birth - the earth barren and void. Then our leader, Krechalyuk, spread his hands and commanded the Remuleks to cover the Earth in minerals and water. This pleased the Cracken...

    I could go on forever.

  22. Truth.........LOL......... What is the truth?

  23. Truth is like religion, relative.

  24. He said: "I make money telling other people how to make money on the web!!!". But he never told me how to make money. The Bastard.

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