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true love for supportbot

  1. @dovesgold... considering there are so many zombies in the world... how come someone's not manufactured a bits-dropping-off zombie net? :p

  2. they can the bits and sell them to the aliens ? :D

  3. theinsanityaquarium

    I feel awful that I've joined so late in this conversation! Did we find love for supportbot? Am I too late? If not, I have a nice toaster I could set him up with? :)

  4. @theinsanityaquarium. Lol. Could it be *talkie toaster* from Red Dwarf? Ah what about Kryton from that very funny show for Support Bot? :)

  5. Your toaster's a good idea. If only we knew his taste in clothes... all assuming he wears clothes... we could advise him on what to wear for a date. Armour, maybe?

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    Armour seems like the best way to go, especially for the roller-skating that shall surely ensue on the first date!

  7. Roller skating in armour, yikes! That's gonna be one speedy supportbot! I took a look at his gravatar and he looks a bit like Davros... d'you think someone might come by and claim him one of these days?

  8. Can we set them up on their first date then?
    Friday night down the Roller Rink?

  9. Yeah. But we need a name. I mean - 'toaster' is all very well but is that a surname or a first name? And what's she (he?) going to be wearing? Will there be bot and toaster dress codes or will they come as they are (or incognito)? I mean, if supportbot were to use a cloaking device, things could get very tricky...

  10. Wait.

    Do we know if Supportbot is even straight? AC or DC?

  11. How about support bot is a girl and toaster is a guy and
    support bot looks like R2D2 ?

  12. And Toaster looks like C3PO. And Support Bot brings a light sabre on the date to protect it's virtue. Lol.

  13. R2D2 is a girl??

  14. @ jessie lol brilliant and spins her head round 360 degrees and whistles when she likes him :D

    @ bird tee hee yes :)

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