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"true or false" game

  1. ok, so you play this game by writing a statement. the poster below then replies whether it's "true" or "false" to them. then they write a line..etc...

    for example, I could write "I secretly lust over Andrew Lloyd Webber's rubber face".

    the person below me responds "true". then they write a further line.

    get it?

    so I'll start:

    "I believe Derren Brown is a 21st century Jesus...but with better tricks"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. True. The most common name in the world is Muhammad.

  3. true.

    because the most common name in the world is Muhammad, I would never call my child Muhammad, I would call them something character building, like Darwin Tully, or Kiska Emmaline. (ha)

  4. True.
    I have a strong addiction to string cheese.

  5. false.

    cats over dogs

  6. taylorcommunications


    I would like to learn to fly an airplane.

  7. True:
    I want an iPad.

  8. True.

    I lived in China.

  9. false.

    i would like to have lived in china

  10. false.

    i'm not allergic to anything

  11. @missannaky

    I did infact live and work in Chongqing China for thee and a half years.


  12. False. Metal makes me itch.

    I like to travel.

  13. True.

    I'm lying.

  14. False

    One day we're gonna find out if we got these things right.

  15. False.

    We would like to think that one day we're gonna find out if we got these things right.

  16. True

    If you mix salt and pepper you get sepper

  17. false. i think pelt sounds better :)

    listening to music is better than watching a movie

  18. false

    in a survival situation, ray mears would outlive bear grylls

  19. true :)

    id go to london and find a vampire and have him turn me into one.

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