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    I just upgraded to custom design, and I am trying to edit the CSS so that I can list my categories under my header, horizontally. I’ve been inputting the coding, but nothing saves. I don’t know how to JUST put in the necessary coding to edit this and nothing else. Can someone help or supply the default coding that I can copy/past into the editor. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    What code are you trying to input?

    If you want to list your categories under your header, you could also simply add them as menu items under Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

    To learn more about using Custom CSS, check out the following article:



    I don’t know the code, but I want to list categories I have: Architecture, etc. under my header next to my Home link so when I post with categories selected, these posts will automatically be listed on the same page. Would that be just creating menus?


    Yep, creating menus is all you need to do in that case.



    Great, yes this works, thank you! Can I edit the text that says “Category Archives:…” when clicking on one of the menus?


    That, unfortunately, cannot be edited, but you can hide it with the following code:

    .category .page-header {
        display: none;

    Also, please be aware that, in order to make searching the forums easier, we are asked to create a separate forum thread for each question.



    Thanks, so I just input this text into the CSS Revisions? I tried doing this but it is not saving. It just reverts to the Welcome to Custom CSS screen. I’ve tried inputing code before and this is the road block I run into.


    You may be running into a browser issue, then.

    Please read the following article to make sure you aren’t experiencing any browser issues:

    Also, try clearing out all of the text that is in the Custom CSS, copying in the CSS above, then clicking the Save button.


    @emmawatters, are you still having any trouble saving CSS? I’ve been using the editor a ton today, and it’s working normally for me. I’ve used Chrome 28 and Firefox 22 in my tests. Can you let me know what browser and browser version you are using if you’re still having trouble?



    Thanks for your help andrewcpht and designsimply. I am on a different computer using Internet Explorer and am finally able to save changes in the CSS box. Before, using a Macbook with Safari and Chrome, the text I input would not save, it would revert back to the welcome message.

    Even with this computer (a PC), using Chrome was not successful. I thought I would have to input the entire page’s html coding and edit my changes this way, but it appears to be a much simpler process where I can just input a single function.


    Thanks for the extra details. I’ve tried testing with Safari 6.0.4 and Chrome 28 on my own blog and I wasn’t able to find any trouble with it. I’d still like to try to get more info on it though, especially if it’s still a problem on the Macbook.

    Would you mind trying to clear browser cache on the Macbook, re-login, and test saving a CSS change one more time and let me know if it still doesn’t work?

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