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    I’m new to wordpress and am writing a lot of long posts that I would like new visitors to be aware exist, but right now the default is showing miles of full length posts and is rather hard to navigate. I’m trying to figure out a way to truncate my posts so that you can, for example, see the title and a paragraph or two of my most recent 5 posts or so, but you have to click “more” or something to read the rest. I’ve seen this on other blogs but can’t figure out how to make it happen here.




    Only one theme at I know of the Hemingway theme always displays only excerpts from two posts side-by-side on the front page. The Fadtastic theme displays one full post on the front page and then only titles to other posts.

    In other themes more tag must be added using either the visual rich text editor, the standard editor or hand coding it into each post you that you wish to break the text into smaller segments in.

    (1) If you are using the visual rich text editor then the icon number to use is #13 and you use it wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (2) If you are using the standard editor click the [more] button wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (3) If you are hand coding type in <!–more–>wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (4) If you do not like the text that the theme is hardcoded to provide when you use the more tag you can change it by hand coding in your own message
    <!–more your text goes here more!–>


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