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truncation issue on button

  1. We have a problem with the "Get started" button in our locale, the translation "Toiseach tòiseachaidh" causes a linebreak

    Could someone please reduce the font size or remove the line break (I've measured and it should fit without reducing font size, maybe there's too much padding?)


  2. Thanks for the report. I could not find that string in context - could you please paste a link to a screenshot here so that we can have a look?

  3. It doesn't appear if you're logged in - try a browser which isn't remembering your login? I'll post a screenshot when i get back home later on if you still can't see it.

  4. Ah, okay, I found it, thanks.

  5. It hasn't been resolved though, I'm still getting it across two lines and off the button :(

  6. Fixed now, many thanks!

  7. You are welcome :)

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