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    I’ve got some problems with truncations on the Scottish Gaelic (gd) site in Firefox, Opera and IE (not tried more).

    I’ve uploaded screenshots of the problems here and here.

    I can’t shorten the translation for “Community” in the footer, maybe the column could be widened or a linebreak put in?

    The other one affects the first letter of the second line in the heading, it has the left edge “shaved off”.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, I just spotted the second pic has an www too many.



    OK, thanks for the report, looking into this. For the second screenshot at – what URL do you load when you see it? (It simplifies things if you could identify which pages the screenshots are coming from once you report a truncation issue :)


    Yes of course, sorry. It’s the same page –!/fresh/ just underneath the big picture banner



    I’m sorry, I’m still unable to reproduce, would you mind taking and uploading a full-screen screenshot? Thank you so much in advance!


    Sure, I’ve uploaded two in a zip (one from Opera, one from IE) to

    Thanks for looking into this!

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