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    How do I insert this coding into my blog for Truth Laid Bear:

    <script language=”javascript” src=””></script >




    You don’t. It’s javascript and if you do use it anyway it will be stripped out by the programming due to security reasons. Please read through the and note the part about not being able to use javascript.



    I believe truthlaidbear supports a non-javascript method as well.



    good lead – I didn’t know that – can you provide the link?



    I don’t think it does. We went through this a few months ago with the poster who got mad at me because she said I should have know who these folks were.



    good lead – I didn’t know that – can you provide the link?

    As far as I can remember (it was pretty late at night) there wasn’t any javascript required at all to sign up my site.

    As far as I can tell, the javascript is just to display your ecosystem status.

    To display your current Ecosystem status on your weblog, add the following code anywhere in your weblog template:

    <script language=”javascript” src=””>

    Your status will be displayed like this:

    I’m a
    Multicellular Microorganism
    in the
    TTLB Ecosystem

    If you don’t like the idea of showing your actual Ecosystem status, you can also alternately include a simple link to your Ecosystem details page, like this:

    My Ecosystem Details>/a<

    Which will display like this:

    My Ecosystem Details


    Member won’t allow JavaScript added to sidebar or widgets. But, yes, there is a way to have TTLB link. And, since it’s the non-JavaScript way, it won’t show the current status (Multicellular Microorganism, Mortal Human, etc).

    But here’s how to add the link:

    Go to TTLB and log in to your account.

    Click on “My Blogs”

    Click on “details” … and keep that window open.

    Log on to your account.

    From the Dashboard, click “Blogroll” then “Add Link”

    Remember that window I said keep open? Copy the URL.

    From the “Add Link” page of, paste the URL in the “Address” field.

    In the name field, put something useful (perhaps “My TTLB Ecosystem Details”, or your actual latest status, or something really clever like “I’m an Alien Life Form in the TTLB Ecosystem”)

    Save it (“Add Link” button) and you’re done.

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