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try an easy intelligence test

  1. I can't post the direct link to the post but it's at the top of the page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 9 out of 11, but 1) I know nothing about baseball. 2) Logic/deductive thinking are included in my children's work every day = lots of tricky questions/statements like these.

  3. "Now Here's the Twist;), your answers not only can tell your current intelligence, but the combination can also forecast your upcoming love life:

    Your Projected Love Life: Expect your love life to bloom soon!"


    Well, maybe my husband will finally appreciate those logic drills I make the kids suffer through...

  4. thats a very high score well done

  5. Thanks. I ask the kids questions like these every day:

    "The last names of Roth. Scott, Talisa, and Walter are Ithling, Jacobs, King, and Latimer. From the clues below match up the first and last names:
    1. King, who is Latimer's grandfather, is not related to Ruth.
    2. Scott is 5 years old.
    3. Scott is not related to Walter or Jacobs."


    "Suppose that no zaggers are jaffers. And suppose that all blakkas are zaggers. What else must then be true?"

    My husband, on occasions when he's overheard a lesson in progress, has commented on the "weird questions". LOL

    These are great for reasoning and logic:

    It really is a wonderful skill to practice. I still have to check the kids' answers at the back of the book sometimes. Which is kind of depressing when we're working out of a K-2 book :D

  6. 10 out of 11. Apparently, my love life is mediocre. Not sure I like that assessment.

  7. LOL

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