Try and customize not giving me options that the preview tells me the theme says

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    I am looking to change my theme. I am interested in the ones that the preview says it can can different options other than the basic layout where whole posts are laid out on the front page . Like the Sela theme. It says it has different page templates to choose from. I can choose a grid option with a big header image at the top where I can put a “call to action” on top of it. Well whenever I try themes like these in the “try and customize”, those options are never there and I have is the basic layout again. These really limits my choices of themes and it is frustrating. Why are the free themes not allowing me the ability to try their different options in the “try and customize” page?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think I see what you are saying with the Sela theme. Getting the grid layout, and front page setup is possible with the Sela theme, but accessing it is not as straight forward as some of the other customizing options. If you go to the Sela home page there are really excellent instructions on how to modify and build the sort of page they use in the theme demo.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Thank you so much. I will test this out.


    Hi there, to set Grid page template, you have to do that from within the page editor, which isn’t available via the theme preview feature.

    I might suggest creating a new test blog and name it something like mytestblog7639 or something like that. You can then actually activate and try out different themes on that test site. Make sure it is set to “private” so it doesn’t show up for search engines and such. You can even export and import some of your content if you wish to the new test site so you can see what your actual content will look like.


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