Try to edit post: always gets stuck on 'beep beep boop'

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    Whenever I click on the edit link under a post title, it always gets stuck on ‘beep beep boop’. Doesn’t matter how long I wait (I’ve waited up to ten minutes), or how many times I refresh the page. It ALWAYS gets stuck on ‘beep beep boop’ with the three bouncing balls! Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Okay, just tried a work around (going into the ‘My Site’ sidebar, clicking ‘Blog Posts’ and then trying the edit button in there). Still gets stuck on the beep beep boop.


    Should add, I’m using Firefox 40.0.3 on a 2012 Macbook Pro, running OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

    I tried quitting Firefox, and logging in again, but still having the same problem.


    Tried using Safari: edit button can’t even be seen when using Safari.


    Still having the same problem the next day.

    This is a serious flaw!!

    I need to be able to edit my posts!!



    You cannot deactivate the new Beep Beep Boop editor but you do not have to use it. For locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and for viewing stats see here > Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

    On the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New
    To create posts in the classic editor for you that link is
    To edit post in the classic editor go to Dashboard > Posts> All Posts
    Hover over the post title and click the edit link.

    If you have cookies enabled on your browser your preference will be saved unless or until your clear your cookies, and it will take you to the classic editor automatically every time you create a new post via the drop-down menu in the black admin bar or edit a post via the edit button on the blog itself.


    Thanks heaps! :)


    P.S. I actually liked the ‘beep beep boop’ editor, I thought it was cute.

    Until it stopped working and just got stuck on the ‘beep beep boop’ >:-/



    @reflectionsofabearblog I’m trying to duplicate this. Which post are you having trouble editing?



    @reflectionsofabearblog, for what it’s worth, I’m using the same OS and Firefox and I’m not seeing this error. Let me know if the issue is with a specific post.

    Also, try clearing your cache and what not if you haven’t already:


    I’ll check. I don’t think it’s with a specific post though.


    Oh, it’s not so bad today. Only one post is doing it. The post is “Dysautonomia: an umbrella”


    Yesterday it was all posts (I tried with them all)



    Hmm, I know Dysautonomia: an umbrella was one I had tested, too; it loaded up very quickly for me.

    Do you have anything on your system that could be blocking the page or trying to scan it before letting you through? Any ideas about what changed before this started?


    Haven’t changed anything lately, which is why I found it odd. It does have a large image file in it, could that be it?



    If you struggle with images on your connection, try opening a different post and using the HTML / Text editor, then go back to this post.



    editing an existing post inevitably forces beep beep boop to load. There is no option in the admin panel whatever that lets me turn off this childish blast. Please do away with it!



    @reflectionsofabearblog How are things going? Did getting away from this large image load help at all?

    @brechbuehl That’s simply a loading screen. Does it go away and allow you to edit?


    The issue seems to have spontaneously resolved (yay!).



    @reflectionsofabearblog, perfect. I’m glad to hear that. :)

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