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Try to Undo Domain Redirect, WP Blog, Admin Page, and Login Page Not Found

  1. I purchased a domain redirect from my host server so that my domain URL will go straight to a WordPress blog that I have created.

    Bad move. As soon as I did that, I noticed when logging on to the domain URL, the Page Not Found 404 Error came up. This also happened when I tried to log in using the old URLS for my WordPress blog, admin page, and login page all came up with the Page Not Found 404 Error.

    I did not change my WordPress Setting URL's, just added the domain redirect from my hosting account.From my hosting account, I removed the domain redirect and then I went into my FTP and deleted the redirect folder. This did not work. I think I made it worse.

    I searched the forums and looked at the "Login Trouble" codex and under Site URL Redirecting where I checked the site_url values in my wp-options table of my WordPress database. Everything seems correct. Not really sure if I should be finding answers here or in the "Changing Site URL" page.

    So I asked my host server for help, they are still researching and cannot get to login page. Is there anything that I haven't done that I should look into?

    Your help is much appreciated.

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