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Trying and failing to change BG color of sidebars

  1. In an on-line article by the author/developer of the Mystique theme at, he posts a number of hacks. I am interested in No. 23 which he describes thus:

    Make the sidebars grey (#eee) and the main content white (#fff):

    .c2right #mask-1,
    .c2left #mask-3,
    .c3 #mask-2,
    .c3left #mask-3,
    .c3right #mask-1
    {background: #fff;}

    .c2left #mask-1,
    .c2right #mask-3,
    .c3 #mask-1, .c3 #mask-3,
    .c3left #mask-2,
    .c3right #mask-3
    {background: #eee;}

    However, this is *exactly* the same (default?) code which appears when I go to my Dashboard -> Custom Design -> CSS. BTW, I have not tried to modify my CSS with this hack.

    Can someone explain to this dummy what I’m missing here? My sidebars are not grey.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    This is the link to CSS stylesheet for the version of Mystique theme that we have here at

  3. I had a similar need on my theme, and I wasn't totally happy with the effect I achieved so there may be a much better solution out there. What I found was that I could get the grey background behind all the widgets on my theme but it stopped at the bottom of the last widget whereas I pictured the complete "column" having that color. I never did achieve it. But this is similar to what I used:

    #sidebar2 {background: #eee;}

  4. Thanks for your replies. I think I read a reply from timethief to someone else's question on this forum which basically said unless you're a CSS expert, purchasing the custom upgrade is a waste of money. I think that describes me. I'm reasonably comfortable with html, but have only taken baby steps with CSS.

  5. What I said was that we regular Volunteers don't recommend that any blogger who lacks CSS editing experience purchase this upgrade. The reason I said that is because waiting for Staff support for CSS editing is not a matter of hours it's a matter of days.

  6. I would recommend trying it out with the Preview button on the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page. Even if you don't have experience with CSS, you can always learn if you're interested!

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