Trying to ad Google Ads to my blog

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    Hi, I have a WordPress blog called BOLDSTATE that can be found here:

    I recently signed up for Google Ads and paid for a year long subscription to WordPress so I could edit the CSS. I tried pasting the ad code to the CSS, but it doesn’t show up.

    Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?



    CSS can do many things, and I have done so on my blog, but it cannot help you with this:



    Hello and welcome to! If you had taken a moment to look at any of the previous forum threads about Adsense, you would know that users are not presently able to run Adsense on our blogs because already does.

    At this time, if you would like to run Adsense ads on your own blog, you will have to set up your own self-hosted blog, perhaps using the WordPress.ORG software. Cheers!



    CSS changes the formatting of a blog. It does not exempt it from the terms of service, which prohibit user-initiated paid advertising.

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