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Trying to add a bible search into my side bar.....

  1. ...but I can't. The site I am getting it from gives me the code to copy and paste, but when I do, usually only the wording that accompanies the search engine shows up without the search engine. I am pasting this code in a text widget box.

    Am I doing a big DUH here?

  2. It's possible that the code you are placing in the text widget is being stripped out by programming to preserve security. If the code included javascript or an iframe, embed, etc. this would be the case. Please provide a link to what you are referring to. Or post the code between backticks so others can see it and contribute their insight. The backtick key is left of the number 1 above the tab key.


    Here is the site I am trying to get the search engine from. Thank you for your help as always!!!! :)

  4. I'm not at all technical but it appears to be a form that the wordpress programming is stripping the code out of. Hopefully a beloved geek will drop in and impart some wisdom.

  5. I did notice that when I did try to do it and it failed, I would then re open that text widget and a big hunk of the code was missing....FYI

  6. We cannot use forms on for security reasons. You won't be able to use that particular item in a text widget

  7. great....the one thing I needed I can't do. I'm starting to see a lot of limitations in WordPress.

  8. Unforturely that's the price one pays for security. These blogs stay up. Can't say that about other blogging systems.

    if you really need the form, please consider downloading the wordpress software from and finding a host. With the wordpress software, you can modify the theme anyway you want to and you're only putting your own blog at risk. If you were to include a form here, you would be putting everybody's blog at risk.

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