Trying to add new domain name. Not working.

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    I am trying to map a domain I currently own to my blog. I want to look like it’s on So, I went to my domain registrar and changed the nameservers to,, and I waited a bit. Then went to It says –

    How am I searching:
    Searching for ALL record at []: Got referral to (zone: [took 16 ms]
    Searching for ALL record at []: Refused! [took 82 ms].

    The DNS server reported that it refuses to respond to the query. There’s a problem with the DNS server for

    I then went back to and typed – “” into the “Add a Domain” field, clicked “Add domain to blog”. It says:
    “Domain not registered.”

    You can add the domain to your blog right now. You can use it as your blog address for 10 credits a year. You have 10 credits available.

    Does this mean I need to wait more? Or do I need to pay to have the domain mapped to my URL? I already own (though godaddy), so I don’t want to pay to register it again.

    I’m kinda new to this, so talk slowly and clearly. THANKS!!!



    You have to pay the $10 to do the mapping. If you haven’t done that yet, the wp nameservers will refuse a lookup. That’s a standard reply since dnsstuff’s IP addresses aren’t in’s area of responsibility.

    You can do it for free on godaddy’s end with their iframe wrapping but that just causes more issues in the long run and doesn’t work with the search engines.


    Oh! Thanks Mike!!

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