Trying to add social media buttons to blog

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    I have tried to add the social media buttons several times. I haven’t been successful with this, and I’m not sure why. It seems pretty simple pasting some HTML code into the text box.

    Does anyone have code that will 100% work? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    What code are you trying to use? Paste it here between Code tags so it displays.


    I actually didn’t save it, because I tried so many times to get it to work. Not sure where I found it now.

    Do you know where I could find the proper code?

    I appreciate your help. Thank you.



    Since the proper code includes links to your social media accounts, it is different for each person. If you just want social media links to allow readers to post the link to their various sites, those are on the dashboard under Settings->Sharing.



    Does this help? Social Media Icons for Blogs


    I finally figured it out. I simply needed to remove 2 forward slashes from the code. I can’t believe something so obvious has been messing with me for all this time. Thanks anyways guys.



    I’m happy to know you resolved this. Thanks for letting us know that you did.

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