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Trying to add spaces for poetry is impossible!

  1. Hi, I am trying to add spaces for a poem I have written which has each line starting in a different place. It seems impossible. I've tried it on firefox, on IE and through Microsoft Word directly. Each time loads of my spaces will be taken away. I've noticed a similar thread to this before but have tried everything on that and it still won't work!

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I did a search for you on the Support site and this is what I found searching for "poetry".

    Does that help?

  3. Blog editors and wordproccessers are not the same. The web standard is one blank line only, so you cannot add more blank lines by pressing return epeatedly like you would do with a typewriter or in a word processing application. If you want to learn yow to format and space your posts and pages see:

    (2) If you are working in the Visual editor, to get single spacing between paragraphs hold the SHIFT key down and simultaneously click ENTER at the end of the paragraph. If you are working in the HTML editor, a single click of ENTER will give you a single-spaced line, and two clicks of ENTER will result in double spaced lines.

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    oops! simultaneosu typing - good day to you. :)

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  6. @TT: OP isn't asking about blank lines.

    @lmjakob: See here, under "Single line indents":

  7. Aha, yes the single line indents thing is what I was looking for.

    Thank you very much :)

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