trying to add video to blog, it’s not working …

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    Dear All,

    I know how to download a photo into my blog, but now I would like to also add a short video that I took on my digital camera.
    I have a copy of this video saved on my computer hard drive and I also uploaded it to photobucket ( first time I’ve ever done this, ouch ! it took 25 minutes to upload!)

    Now I went into the blog post that I wanted to insert my short video into.. next to the little photo icon there is a video icon, so I clicked on that, it says “select file” (just like you would with a photo) I then went to the file that I wanted to upload on my hard drive, I click on it, it says ” crunching” and loads, but when I look at my blog entry it shows a humongously massive image, like a huge photo that kicks out the side of the blog page and the video doesn’t run…

    Does anyone know please what I am doing wrong?

    I tried pasting in a link from Photobucket too, but that didn’t work either . NOT that I use photobucket much or know a lot about how that works…

    Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    kind regards.. kiwidutch

    The blog I need help with is



    You need the Video Press upgrade to have the option to upload the video to your blog
    here is the FAQ about the Video Press upgrade

    Option B: You could upload the video to You tube then use the video link option to embed the video on your blog. here is the FAQ about the You Tube Short Code Options



    /Nods @ panaghiotisadam,



    Wow that was a mega fast set of replies !!!

    YouTube … LOL hector, *another* technological learning curve to start climbing .. you realise I don’t even own a mobile phone ???? ( … but *that* at least is by choice)

    you’ll never know just how much this *doesn’t* come easily… BUT I suppose if ya wanna blog then ya gotta learn….
    .. and I wanna blog :)

    Thanks for the links … I’m off to check them ALL out :)

    Thanks for your excellent patience once again … kind regards, Kiwidutch



    yes Yes YES !

    It worked ! moi, a complete technophobe and computer idiot, actually got my small video’s from my digital camera onto youtube and from there, into my blog…

    Thank you Thank you Thank you to Everyone who helped out with advice and links..
    I feel like I CAN master the world of blogging.. eventually ! even if it IS one step at a time. …

    You have no clue how scarery this “background” set-up stuff for the blog is for someone who just doesn’t have any natural affinity to computer stuff…

    it’s been a big obstacle (mostly mental one) but hey, if i can master it then others can too LOL. Knowing that there are friendly folks here who are willing to answer my 1000’s of questions … keeps me from wanting to fling my computer out of the nearest window… you folks are SO MUCH APPRECIATED :)

    Please give yourselves a big pat on the back!

    yes, i’m a realist… I know there will be many many more questions, but knowing you dudes/dudettes here helping out and doing such a fab job at it makes me so much less nervous about tackling my computer fears.

    Cheers !

    kind regards… kiwidutch :)

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