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Trying to change custom hdr in Fusion but can't get rid of the original text hdr

  1. I would like to change the header to a handmade one using the special font I'm using elsewhere on the site. Recently I did successfully install a handmade header although it turned out not to be quite suitable, so I didn't use it. Now, I find I can no longer do this simple task successfully, GGRR. You can see the "mess" I made on my home page... =\

    The original header is nice and everything but it just doesn't match my vision...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My current handmade header is just a test, by the way, but I'm getting close to what I want...if I could just get the darned text header off...!

  3. The custom header is uploaded at appearance > header.

  4. Appearance > Header > Display Text: click No, save changes.

  5. Yes, now it is working. I was doing every step right yesterday (so simple!) but the original header refused to disappear, and so I kept getting that header with my own handmade one showing underneath it. But NOW...maybe it was my slow connection or something...but now my own header is showing as it should... *G*

    This'yere topic seems to be resolved *fingers crossed*

    thanks for your patience

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