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trying to change dns but no option store in dashboard

  1. I am trying to change the dns servers of this site, as the domain has expired and i need to reset the dns and renew it. However there is no store option in the dashboard. I have the options dashboard, profile and personal settings but no store option

  2. you need to be logged in as the account that purchased the upgrade to renew it - it also does not sound like you are logged in as an Admin of that blog

  3. if worse case i can not get that info what options do we have? As the original purchaser is not available

  4. Hi, I am the founder and creator of Since the domain expired yesterday, we have been working on trying to find the person who could help us put things right.
    I am Gini Green.

  5. I had an upgraded account set up and had a guided transfer down. There was a problem with the domains not pointing in the right direction .

  6. I am not sure why but I seem to have several WP accounts - BCGG and BCGG2.

  7. I am stumped and need to get this all fixed. The dns pointing in the right direction - the same as it was yesterday.


    Here is a thread I started as pilotsnpawscanada - another account? I can't access it.

  9. I have flagged this for the staff to help you - the important part of this is to find out who is the person / account (email) that owns the Domain Registration as they are the only one that can renew the registration - the other upgrades can be purchased by someone else when they expire with minimal disruption to service

  10. What can I tell you to get some help?

  11. Thank you for flagging it. Please don't scare me with the idea of someone else buying it. I just want to renew the domain and get back to the way things were as of yesterday. I am the person/account who bought the Domain Registration but can't get at it now. I can't have my website down. This is hurting my organization.

    This is my email account which should be working and don't understand why it is not. [email redacted]. I can answer from there any time to prove who I am.

  12. The staff check the forum several times a day - they will respond here (additional questions or advice) or send you an email as appropriate

    If you subscribe to this thread you will be notified when a response happens - see the right side of the screen for the subscribe link

  13. We still don't have our website up again. Please can someone help us get these things addressed.

  14. I had a guided transfer done to move from .com to .org. My records will show that.

  15. The staff have a small backlog of requests this morning so I would expect yours to be in the first batch they work - they usually work from oldest to newest -

    You can see the other requests for staff assistance by clicking on the "modlook" tag on the right side of the page in the sidebar

    Sorry but I don't know the staff schedule or who is assigned to work the forums on any particular day - but once they get here they have a very good record of solving problems

  16. Thank you auxclass.

  17. Only the user who owns the domain can renew it. The domain is owned by the only user with access to that blog, which is not ginigreen.

    You can access the Dashboard tied to the domain at

    From there, log in as the correct user and renew the domain via Store -> Domains in the blog's Dashboard.

    You still have five days to renew the domain at the normal rate.

  18. I click on that but it says I am signed in as ginigreen and won't let me in. I can't sort out the right password to log in as pilotsnpawscanada. I have tried all that I have ever used.
    Can someone send me an email to my gmail account so I can respond showing I am who I say I am and get this fixed.

    I want it renewed. I need it renewed. I can't be more clear here.

  19. Is there anyway I can talk to someone? On the phone, in an email. This feels like it is getting me nowhere and my website and organization is suffering because of it.

  20. If you have lost access to that account, please visit and click "Need More Help?" if necessary.

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