Trying to connect to my host for 2 WP blogs

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    I’m a little confused and don’t understand how the process works. But don’t really know how to ask the right questions to figure out the answers.

    I have two sites I’m trying to launch. I have that I have hosted on godaddy. I bought that domain at godaddy and installed wordpress on it.

    The second site I added with which is I bought this domain in wordpress and now I’m trying to share the hosting with my site theuglybride on godaddy so it allows me to install themes for that.

    I don’t understand how the wordpress sites are not connected under the same account. What do I do from here? How do I let my site see my hosting on godaddy so I am able to install a theme on it as well.

    Hope that makes sense what I’m asking. Thanks
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    You’ll need to install WordPress a second time on GoDaddy and then direct your domain there by changing the nameservers:

    One that is set, you can transfer your content following this guide:

    Once you have done that, your blog will be hosted on GoDaddy.

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