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Trying to copy one WordPress site to another domain

  1. Hello,
    I am attempting to copy one of my wordpress domains to a new URL that i currently own and is on my server.
    Example: I have my first site, (that talks about cars) and I want to make a new site with the same exact format, styling, etc but different text and graphic content on (which will talk about boats).

    What I have been doing on my server is as follows:
    1) Deleting any files I have in my new domain (
    2) Copying all of the files from the original domain ( and pasting them into into the new domain's ( file manager

    When I go to, I now see's page perfectly (which is good). However when I go to alter the new domain's ( contents by going to, I get redirected to's admin page with this address in the url bar: ""

    Could anyone tell me if (1) My first two steps are correct? (2) If so, how do I get to the correct wp-admin of the new domain in order to alter the new domain's contents?

    Thank you for your help :-)

  2. You will probably have better luck with the self-hosted site at:

    They are the support group for .ORG

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