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    So I wanted a playlist on my page in the sidebar and tried the widget. It didn’t work. Then I tried inputting a playlist on a post and that didn’t work. But I got a code for the playlist. So I tried copying and pasting that into a text widget and that still doesn’t work.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    (Oops, accidentally hit the enter button before I finished typing. – cont’d) And yes I followed the instructions on the Audio support page. I can see the player but nothing plays on it. Any ideas? Thanks.



    Idem. I tried to follow the tutorial but still does not work it :(



    In order to use the new Playlist Widget, you need to purchase the Space upgrade which allows you to upload audio files to your site.

    You can however, link an audio file from somewhere else on the web using these instructions. under Point 1.



    Hi Jennifer :)
    i have the space upgrade, but does not work :(



    What audio files have you uploaded? Do they work in the plain audio player? Give us a link to one, starting with http.


    Yup, I have a space upgrade. The plain audio player works totally fine. Here’s a recent music post I did.

    I just want a widget on the side of my blog in a playlist format so it can play multiple tracks.



    OK-I’m going to tag this for Staff assistance. Since you have the Space upgrade, you should be able to use the new Playlist Widget following the instructions I linked above (which I assume you did).



    Yes! All music files are in mp3 and work with the audio player, in the post. The only thing that does not work is the Playlist Editor, both in the post that the widget.
    This is one of the songs loaded on my blog:
    and this is the post


    I have the same problem today, 2012 11 15. The playlist short code does not work on a post, and the music widget does not work in a sidebar. I have the space upgrade. The audio player works fine with one of my uploaded audio files, but the playlist player does not work. I see a graphic of the player, but no action.


    I have a part answer. The playlist widget does not work when I use Firefox. When I use Chrome or IE, the playlist widget does work!! Looks like the playlist widget requires HTML5 audio capability



    Thanks for reporting this. We are currently investigating the audio player’s issues in Firefox – I’ll keep you posted.



    This issue has been fixed in Firefox (provided you have Flash installed).


    It works now. Thank you!



    I’m trying to order the songs how I want in the playlist editor but it keeps mix and matching. I tried renaming them so that they have 1., 2., etc but the music player reorders them when I preview the site. Any help?

    Thanks guys


    Thanks Kathryn and Matt. I can now create a playlist using Firefox. I think I am getting the flash version as I have flash installed. However the play button is partly covered by the loading progress bar. That needs to be fixed at some time. It works as it is, but is difficult to click on exactly the right part of the play button.



    justinaire & songsofhope883 – are either of you still having any issues with the playlist? If so, would you please provide a link to a page or post with the issue so we can take a look? Thanks!

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