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Trying to customize the "Load More posts button" for Digg 3

  1. Hi there, I am trying to change the background color of the "Load More Posts Button" on my blog ( but I can't find anywhere in the CSS the code relating to it. Is there anyway I can do this ? I have bought the custom design upgrade.
    Thanks a lot !

    Blog url:

  2. Using browser tools is the perfect tool for this kind of thing. You can right-click on the element and select the "Inspect Element" option to see the HTML of the element you clicked on as well as all the CSS that applies to it.

    I checked and I don't see a "Load more posts" button there right now. If you still need help, can you reply with a link where we can see the button you're trying to change?

  3. I'm not sure if you tried this yet, but here's how I changed the look of my "Load More Posts" button. Note: the span hover before color is the color of the little rectangular symbol to the left of the text "Load More Posts". Hope this helps someone. Of course, you must have the Custom Design Upgrade for this to work.

    #infinite-handle span {
    	background: #d1e7eb;
    	border: 1px solid #9bb4b9;
    	color: #537a82;
    #infinite-handle span:before {
    	color: #537a82;
    #infinite-handle span:hover:before {
    	color: #f51909;
  4. Hi, many thanks for your answer. In the mean time I changed the blog theme but I will preciously keep your answer in case I meet the issue again. Thanks again for your time and help.


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