Trying to design a 1-stop travel website

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    My husband and I are going travelling for 1-2 years and are trying to build a decent and easy to manage website so our friends and family can keep up to date and also for our own records. We have been researching all kinds of host services and have narrowed down our options to Weebly, WordPress or Travelpod (maybe even travellers point). Each has something we love but none has everything. Ideally we would love to be able to:

    1) easily/automatically link iphoto to our blog site with geolocation information. We use a macbook pro and right now we load photos from our camera memory card with geotagged locations (our camera has a gps tagger), which then automatically upload to Flickr where the photos are organized and visually mapped. It would be nice to either be able to embed the Flickr photos and map (probably filtered by Flickr “set”) to our blog posts and some kind of master map on our website, or have our website do it without going through Flickr.

    2) we would love to be able to map our trip with dates (calendar?), descriptions and travel stats. Travelpod has an amazing map and timeline feature with travel stats (# countries visited, distance travelled, etc), but we dont like how the blog is set up. we would ideally love to have an interactive map as the main feature for our website where there is a path of our trips, tagged photos and clickable blogposts from where we wrote them. We’ve created a travel map in google maps engine but it has some limitations when linking photos and this map doesn’t embed to WordPress, though will embed to Weebly.

    We thought this would be a fairly simple task when we started but so far we havent found anything that comes close, and we have both put a lot of time into it. Is there a way to set something like this up in WordPress? If so, can you help direct us to the information we are missing?

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    The blog I need help with is



    You can set that up on a WordPress.ORG blog but not a WordPress.COM blog. Interactive maps don’t work here as the javascript they rely on is stripped out as a security risk. You can do the photo part from Flickr that you mention in your first paragraph easily here, but interactive maps are a no-go.

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