Trying to disable a page (from a menu link)

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    I am trying to disable a page so that only the menu item appears but it is not clickable and goes nowhere. To be exact under the Menu : Past Projects, I have a sub menu called Malta with further sub menus underneath.

    I don’t need that page (Malta) as I have no content for it so I would just like it to appear in the menu and then allow the user which of the other sub menus that fall underneath it they would like to visit.

    Thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is



    The answer to your question ifs found here under
    Other options, special cases and tricks f.


    Thanks for the quick answer. I guess this is what I am looking for:

    “c. Submenu with non-linking top level tab
    A tab that’s just a heading for a submenu, not a link, is created in the Links module: type anything after “http://”, type the name in the Label field, click Add to Menu; once it’s added to the menu, click the arrow to open it, delete everything in the URL field, click Save Menu.
    Note: In some theme this produces a differently looking tab; in that case replace the content of the URL field with a # instead of deleting everything.”

    When it says links module. Does it mean in the links section? But what has that got to do with the menu?

    Thanks again



    Yes, what you’re looking for is #c of my post.
    No, it means the Links module in Appearance > Menus. Everything in my post refers to Appearance > Menus unless otherwise stated. Better study the “How to” section first.



    re: c not f
    Correction noted – thanks.


    Thanks so much guys. Much appreciated



    Sorry I sent your to f rather than to c. Happy blogging!

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