Trying to email posts to my gmail and nothing received

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    I’m trying to email posts from my blog to my gmail account but nothing is being sent. The notification that it was shared comes up but there’s nothing in my account.

    Nothing in the spam folder. I get all WP emails. I’ve subscribed to my blog too late and I want to send past posts to myself as a backup.

    I’ve got the managed subscriptions set to instant for both posts and comments. The admin and personal emails are the same (email redacted). Not sure what’s wrong.

    Cannot find answer to this problem anywhere.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    Wonderful, thank you.



    Hm, that’s an interesting bug you found there, it looks like posts cannot be shared via email to the email address on the post author’s account. It can be sent to any other email address, just not the author’s.

    We’re looking into this.


    Great thanks for the reply. Look forward to hearing what you come up with.



    You’re welcome!

    We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.


    Okay…I just tried emailing a post to a different personal email address and nothing was received either. Did it twice. Not sure why this happened…



    Hm, would you please check the spam folder there?


    My spam folder’s empty and I am subscribed to my blog through that email address, so I’m able to receive recent posts. I tried logging out of WP and sharing via email and that didn’t work either. :(



    What’s the other email address that you’re trying to send to?


    it’s a gmail account as well



    Ok, but would you please tell me the address?


    (email redacted) even if the email is redacted, you can still see it on your end?



    Yes, Staff can see redacted email addresses. You and I can’t.



    What was the URL of the post you’re trying to share?


    oh, okay, thanks for that detail

    I’m trying to store a backup from the beginning so I started with this one:




    I was able to email the post to myself correctly, so I have tried sending it to the previously provided email address again.

    Please check your email’s inbox and spam folder.


    Post still not received in inbox and spam is empty…email account is set to receive all emails from WP…

    My Google activity details and dashboard show I am the only one with access (IP, country, web browser, OS, and ISP all noted) and my password is frequently changed; plus 2-step verification uses my phone for extra security…

    Norton was reinstalled, up to date, and full system scan completed yesterday–no spyware or viruses detected…

    I have shared via email and always receive the following notification by WP’s website: “This post has been shared!
    You have shared this post with (email redacted)” confirming that I’ve done this properly…

    I’ve shared once more, after your share, and still nothing…

    Please advise, thank you.



    Hm, ok, I’m able to send posts from your blog to myself, so let’s try the opposite.

    Can you email any of the posts from to yourself?


    Weird…I’m able to share your post with (email redacted)…it came through immediately…just a guess, does it have anything to do with my free WP account?

    I’ve been noticing glitches lately in my WP dashboard…admin security keeps changing, color of layout and screen options change, widgets removed from sidebar, etc.

    I frequently change my password on WP too; these issues are another reason why I reinstalled Norton yesterday.

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