Trying to Exclude Categories for Category Cloud

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    I changed all my tags to categories some times ago, because I learned not all were being displayed. Tags only allow the 45 most used ones. I was able to show all categories on my blog, but the list is very long, so I am trying the Category Cloud widget. This can show up to 99. I’d still prefer all, but I like how it takes up less space.

    On the widget form, there is a space to Exclude categories. Under this is the statement: “Category IDs, separated by commas.”

    I want to try and exclude some of the categories to show the ones I feel are more important. I checked my blog after saving the widget and the excluded categories are showing up. Does this mean Category IDs are something other than their names?

    Or am I misunderstanding the Exclude option and the categories typed in are not hidden?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, “category IDs are something other than their names”: they are numbers. To find the ID number of a post category you to Posts > Categories, hover over the category name and look at the status/progress bar of your browser, or click Edit and look at the address bar of the browser.


    Thank you so very much for explaining that. It worked perfectly.

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