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trying to find my support posts

  1. I have made a request for support and for the life of me, cannot find it again. How do you navigate this site back to where your support question is. It is easy enough to find the posts you made on these forums but to navigate back to support questions you've posted is proving quite a challenge. Perhaps they intended it that way? idk

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click on the word Member under your name.

  3. well that was easy enough but not until you know about it. thanks

  4. Took me two years to figure it out! you're welcome.

  5. OK but how do you see that member under your name outside of these forums so that you don't have to go into the forum to be able to click on it?

  6. If you click on your name at the top right of the forum, then you can see what you posted before.

    Or use this link:

  7. thanks 1tess but that is if you're in the forum area. I mean when you're not in the forum area can you find a post you've made in support because everywhere else you don't see you name with the "member" under it.

  8. When you're not in the forum area you cannot see your forum posts.

  9. Google this:
    (you'll see some of your posts)

  10. But of course to read them you'll have to come to the forums.

  11. what about the posts I've made to support? The staff. Or do you just have to come to the forums and find one of your posts before you can see anything, including them?

  12. Every thread you have started and/or posted into on thses forums including those that went to the Staff Questions Forum is found by clicking "member" under your username > All email between you and Staff is not available here. Presumably you retained copies of it.

    At the top righthand corner of the page you will find that same link. "Welcome, cyberator | Log Out"

    You can click the RSS feed link in the left sidebar on any thread and subscribe to the feed for any thread. "RSS Feed for this topic"

    You cam search the forums or the support site at by topic. You can use Google search and search by topic. All of these methods assist you to find the threads and/or comments you posted to these forums.

  13. I see where they have the staff questions as part of the forum and the member link beneath my username. This should be enough for me I would think.

    Thanks everyone.

  14. YThanks for letting us know your isse is resolved and you're welcome.

  15. Took me two years to figure it out! you're welcome.

    Despite you're a blogging teacher. Yet I got it since first day. Now I get it why my Bro says you're learning it much quickly. :)

    When we ask a staff question why it appears option to make it private or open but sometimes it doesn't and the question never comes to the staff question forum?

  16. @hnsaifi
    There are cases when we do not wish to post personally identifying information in the public forums which are indexed by search engines and vaialble to everyone on the internet. If you choose "private" then Staff deal with the issue privately by email. If you email directly to Staff then the communication doesn't appear in forum threads.

  17. But sometimes in fact mostly no options appear. As you said private or public. Why is this so. Does bot auto-detects which information to hide from public forums?

  18. @@hnsaifi

    But sometimes in fact mostly no options appear.

    I don't know why that is and only Staff can answer that question.

    Does bot auto-detects which information to hide from public forums?

    I don't know and only Staff can answer that question.

  19. Thanks TT.

  20. You're welcome.

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